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  • Import an Anonymization Template into OsiriX

    Recent versions of OsiriX allow one to import an Anonymization Template. If you want one for a Teaching File, download mine here and import it as follows:

    Open the Anonymization window in OsiriX and click on the Template item to reveal the Import function:


    Navigate to the downloaded template and select it.

    This Template should remove most personal information, most of the time, but no template is perfect (particularly with respect to Private dicom tags).

    You should still check the metadata of the case and manually remove any personal identifiers still there.

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  • RE: A warning: Don't put your OsiriX database in iCloud Drive with Sierra upgrade

    March 11, 2018.

    An update and clarification:

    You can use the .nosync extension to prevent a folder or file from being synced to iCloud drive. For example, you can rename Osirix Data folder to OsiriX Data.nosync.

    For a file, you can put the nosync directive before the file's extension. For example. for a PDF file titled test.pdf, use test.nosync.pdf This is a good practice to prevent issues with apps that look for the usual file extensions.

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  • Saving important OsiriX Preferences (.plists)

    There are three Preference items you should definitely save in case your have to re-install OsiriX from scratch: the General Preferences; the nodes in Locations; and your default Anonymization Template(s).

    Do so as illustrated in the three graphics below




    Save these .plists in a safe place, and back them up.

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