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Send e-mail notifications automatically about new teaching file cases

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    If you want to send colleagues e-mail notifications automatically about new cases you've added to your teaching file, it's easy. Here are the steps:

    In OsiriX: Web Server Preferences, check the box shown below left.


    Then, click Copy Header/Footer files. That will put new items in the following folder (which may be displayed automatically):

    /Users/howardm/Library/Application Support/OsiriX/WebServicesHTML — in my case.

    In this folder you will see a emailTemplate.html file. Edit a duplicate copy of this file, putting the following in it in place of the existent content:

    NSLocalizedString(@"Dear %X:Destination.name%",nil),<br/>



    NSLocalizedString(@"New teaching cases are available to view and download. Click on the following URLs to log in and review them:",nil)
    NSLocalizedString(@"A new teaching case is available to view and download. Click on the following URL to log in and review it: ",nil)
    <a href="%WebServerURL%/study?xid=%Study.XID%">%X:Study.name%</a> -
    NSLocalizedString(@"Link: ",nil)<a href="%WebServerURL%/study?xid=%Study.XID%">%WebServerURL%/study?xid=%Study.XID%</a>


    The recipient will receive an e-mail like this:


    The recipient can just click on the link to the case(s).

    Of course, substitute your greeting and name for mine at the bottom of the emailTemplate.html file.

    And remember to rename the existent file to something like "...backup" so this new one is used by OsiriX.

    Specify the use of the Mail app for the e-mail messages and a frequency of, say, once every 24 hours:


    The recipient will get an e-mail only when new a new case is added (or an existent case modified).

    For each recipient of your notification e-mail, create a User (if not already there).

    Specify the sending of e-mail messages to that user as shown here.


    Because I add cases from colleagues to my Teaching File, I personally want to notify people about only the cases I have added. This way, they're not notified about cases they already have. Because all my cases have HM as the Accession Number, I can use the Syntax Filter to accomplish this as shown below:


    Depending on the purpose of your notifications, you can use the Filter to accomplish customized notifications for different users for different purposes.


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