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Help with Teaching Files

  • Hello, I am trying to compile teaching files and are experiencing some difficulties:

    1. I want to bulk anonymize cases and name them as "Case 1, Case 2, etc" rather than having them all show up as "Anonymous." Do you know if there is a automated way to do this.
    2. We want to create several web servers linked with one Osirix App (i.e. different web servers for cardiac and spine cases). Do you know if it is possible to have multiple web servers associated with one Osirix App.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    I do not know of an application that will accomplish 1.

    With respect to 2., an OsiriX instance can have one Web Portal only. You could establish another User Account on the device, install OsiriX for that user, and create a Web Portal that uses a different port. Populate the Database of each OsiriX instance with the relevant cases.

    That's a way to present two portals on one physical device.

    For administrative purposes, you can switch between the Users using Fast User Switching.


  • Thanks so much for the help

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